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President's Message: A Note on Concrete Canoe

This past month from June 19-22, 2015, the University of Nevada, Reno participated in its 10th Nationals competition and, as always, was as fun yet unexpected as ever. The most unexpected part of this competition was undoubtedly the final result for the team: an almost unheard of 6th place finish. It would be easy to say that the 6th place finish for the team was a step-down from 2014’s national title, but it would certainly not be fair, let alone the truth of the situation.
The 2015 canoe team worked tirelessly to get the results that they achieved. A second place in final product is the finest the team has done since their national title in 2008, as well as in 2013, creating one of the smoothest and aesthetically pleasing canoes in not only our school history but in the history of the competition. In races, the team won every single one except one, which was a second place finish. This first place in overall races was no accident; those who would paddle the canoe on race day have been doing so every week since the end of August, not even counting the amount of times they used the gym weekly.
The design paper was the result of a month of what was essentially sleepless nights and caffeine. As always, the paper was the most in-depth and hardest task faced by the project managers. The paper was one of the best in appearance in formatting Reno has ever come up with, but due to several unforeseen deductions no one can ever see it publically. If there is anything that this latest competition has taught it is that hard work is not always rewarded justly, however much is applied. While it may seem that the results of this year has disheartened the team and delineated us from our path of success, the effect is quite the opposite. The team is committed to further perfecting the canoe more than ever before. The tenacity and hunger of UNR’s engineering students continues to show no boundaries, and our commitment to our school, community, and sponsors will be continue to showin our future work.
An added note for the project managers Wesley Munson and Devin Larson: the both of you created one of the most organized teams in this school’s history, your passion and effort for this competition was not necessarily received as it should have from the judges, and to those who worked under the both of you it was an incredible, unforgettable experience that none of them will forget. In its retrospect, we all had a lot of fun, much more than if we were not to do it, and the both of you have nothing to be ashamed of because you both did much more than build a canoe, and the best part is that points don’t matter for that, only the friendships and memories that were created.
A special thanks to all the volunteers, friends, family members, and sponsors; whether your contribution was monetary, spiritual, or both, your effort was not wasted, and nothing that we hoped to accomplish this year would have been possible. Thank you all so much for your faith in us as engineers; we will make you proud once again.
Evan Jordan
2015 UNR ASCE Co-President
2015-2016 Concrete Canoe Co-Project Manager

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