YMF Events

To try to get everyone out of the office to have a little fun we also host several large events throughout the year. These include our annual tailgate event, bowling tournament, and golf league. These events attract students, younger members, and professional members – so without knowing it, everyone is networking and having fun at the same time! Keep an eye out in the monthly newsletter for information on these events.



We try to provide networking opportunities to our members in the form of after work socials and other events throughout the year. They have ranged in location from local bars and restaurants to the ice skating rink to summer campouts. By providing a location for young, local engineers to meet and mingle, we hope that they can gain networking experience as well as build their contact list.


Engineers might have a bad reputation for not being the most athletic group, but we are trying to prove them wrong! Every year our group signs a team up for a few recreational leagues. Volleyball and kickball seem to be the most popular leagues so far. Contact us if you are interested in participating! We also put all of the information in the monthly newsletter as well as on the events page of the website.

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Every year our YMF branch likes to get out there and help out.  We have been to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada every year and help with local schools when we can.  It is always a great time knowing you are helping change the community for the better.  If you are interested in helping out keep an eye on the events page for our next volunteering event.